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Works real easy with the Amazon Fire Phone

This is real easy to use with my wife’s Amazon Fire Phone. She loves it. The Fire Phone app already in your phone works just fine with it. You don’t need to download the Polaroid app. I’m sure that it is a great app too, but I like my phone app.

Take the printer out of the box, plug it into the charger, put the paper in it, and hold the power button until the white light blinks. Scan for the new Bluetooth device and select the Polaroid printer. Select your photo, Share the photo, select Bluetooth, select the Bluetooth Polaroid Printer, and you see the white light blinks. A few seconds later your picture comes out. That’s it! When the printer is turned on again, hold the button until the white light blinks. It will then stay on solid after a couple seconds. That is when the printer pairs to the phone.

The photo quality is very good. I find that She likes to boost the picture gama and brightness a little for better color saturation. The little picture is actually pretty sturdy. As good as the store photos. The peel adhesive on the back is really handy. This B-day gift was a hit. A very nice invention.

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