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Wonderful little thing

So far I have gone through about thirty sheets of paper, and I’ll say that I really love this thing. The quality of the photograph isn’t great, but these aren’t meant to be gallery photos. These are keepsake treasures you can make for people on the go, for an inexpensive cost. Everyone I’ve made prints for really do treasure them. I’m a professional photographer, and last weekend I was hired to photograph a guy proposing to his girlfriend. During the shoot, I used the wifi on my camera to move one of the best shots of the actual proposal to my phone, and then printed two copies of the shot right then and there, and gave one to each of them. They loved it! They were so excited to be able to walk away from the photoshoot with an actual print to show off to friends and family that day. It even helped me get a better yelp review!

The only criticisms I have of this thing is that the white model seems to scuff easily, it wont automatically connect to my phone through bluetooth – I need to go through the settings menu every time, and lastly I can only see the battery life when it is connected to my phone, so it’s pretty inconvenient if you just want to see if you need to charge it or not.

Still, it’s an amazing device, and my friends and family love these little prints, and are usually blown away by the device when I show it off.

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