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Review of Polaroid ZIP

I bought Polaroid Zip Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer for my wife for wedding anniversary, she is a professional photographer, she is often hired to take wedding photos for newlyweds, from taking the photo to getting the actual print, it takes a long time, but all the newlyweds expect to get actual prints that day and show off to friends and family, she understands how newlyweds feel and has told me about it several times, I told her maybe a portable printer can give help.

I did a lot of research on printers and by far Polaroid Zip is the best, this is a nice little battery powered mobile printer that prints your photographs from your tablets or phones that use Bluetooth or NFC, and it is so portable and can easy travel. Having the ability to print your pictures wherever you go. It has apps available for Apple products and Android products, there are so many options from boarders, adjusting lighting, resizing, rotating, collage and the list goes on and on. Loading the paper was fast and easy and printing out photos is simple, this little printer does more than a big one can.

I bought it on, two days later, it arrived, I took the printer out of the box, plug it into the charger, put the paper in it, and hold the power button until the white light blinks. Scan for the new Bluetooth device and select the Polaroid printer. Select your photo, Share the photo, select Bluetooth, select the Bluetooth Polaroid Printer, and you see the white light blinks. A few seconds later your picture comes out. That’s it! When the printer is turned on again, hold the button until the white light blinks. It will then stay on solid after a couple seconds. That is when the printer pairs to the phone.

The printer comes with a very brief instruction manual that doesn’t contain any detailed technical information. There is a QR code that you can scan to get the app for your smart device. The printer comes with one pack of 10 sheets of Zink, Zero Ink, paper that you load into the printer. In my past experiences you will lose you photos quickly as your friends will take them from you for themselves so buy some extra paper. There is also a 31 inch charging cable in the box to charge the internal battery of the printer and it will charge in about 1.5 hours. You can use any USB wall charging source, your computer or your car’s USB charger.

I read a lot of the reviews for the Polaroid Zip Printer before I purchased it. I read a lot of negative comments on picture quality, to be honest,the quality of the photograph isn’t perfect, but these aren’t meant to be gallery photos. These are keepsake treasures you can make for people on the go, for an inexpensive cost. The print quality is suited for the purpose of instant photo gratification. If you are expecting studio quality prints then this probably isn’t for you. But, if you’re looking for an instant camera to print photos at parties, for crafts, and to get your pics out of the digital space then give this printer a try.

Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

Some say colours come too dark, well, make it little brighter before printing.Some say not to edit in the Polaroid app, but no issues editing within the app for my wife, maybe application is not that great, but it does it’s job. There are litterally hundreds of applications, that can help you editing your pictures, than put pictures in Polaroid app and just print it. For me this is really nostalgia thing, i have used polaroid camera in my childhood, and it’s instant printig was really amaizng.

It is a thermal printer, so the colors printer darker, not really true to color, but there are lots of tips and tricks online you can find for editing your pictures for a quality thermal print of your photographs.

We have used this for roughly 3 months, of course it has some cons yet.

-The instruction manual is very limited
-The printer disconnects from the Bluetooth connection in a very short period of time, I assume that it disconnects quickly to conserve battery power
-The battery life Is a bit short
-The paper needs to stay out of the heat (not bad as long as you don’t keep it in a car or something)

Printing a photo is fast and easy and you can also edit them using the free app. Although it has some cons , I still think it is a good small printer and rated it at 5 stars. I highly recommend the ZIP printer. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to bring the nostalgia back to taking photos and actually holding one in your hands, rather than just looking at a bright screen. Oh, the photo paper has a sticky back too, should you want to slap the photo you just printed onto someone’s forehead or something.

Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer (White) Compatible w/ iOS & Android, NFC & Bluetooth Devices