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It worked great with my iPhone

I got this a few years ago, and it worked great with my iPhone, until about a year ago when they changed the app and everything started going downhill from there. The pictures came out grainy, the printer wasn’t working right, and everything was just going wrong. But I couldn’t throw it away or anything because I had already bought a whole bunch of zinc paper and I didn’t want them to go to waste, so I decided to wait for them to fix the app. But recently, I switched from an iPhone 6 to a Samsung S8+ and I though maybe the app would work differently on the Android compared to the iPhone. I downloaded the app, the printer connected to my S8+ and the pictures came out beautiful. Okay, beautiful in a sense that it looked even better than when I had first bought the printer and printed with my iPhone.

If you are looking for a mobile printer with excellent picture quality that will look exactly like how you took it, it will not happen with this printer. I bought this printer knowing that my pictures WILL look different from how I took them, though I wasn’t expecting the yellow hue to them when I first printed my pictures. I bought this printer to print out pictures to paste in my diary, and I honestly don’t need that good of a quality for it. If you are just the casual printer and you are okay with a mediocre picture quality, then this one’s okay.

However, this printer was one of the first few zinc printers to appear in the market. Ever since then, technology has obviously improved and there are other zinc printers out there that have newer and better technology when it comes to mobile printing. Unless Polaroid comes up with a newer model of this printer, I suggest you look elsewhere for a mobile printer.

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