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Intel D945GCLF2 Double Core Mini-ITX Carputer Motherboard

After handling the countless problems of my previous AMD Geode carputer motherboard, I determined to update. A few of the issues I had were hanging at ARTICLE, bluescreens as a result of chauffeur problems, and also total unusual habits. I additionally desired even more functions, such as the capacity too from a USB drive. Not just that, however the board ran rather warm in my handwear cover box and also did not have efficiency that I desired.

Sadly, the Intel D945GCLF2, based upon the Intel Atom, is lastly launched. Among the crucial functions that captured my eye was the twin core Atom cpu. Not just is it twin core, however its power use is exceptional. It’s approximated to utilize 4 watts under tons while eating milliwatts (thousandths of a watt) when still. Remaining in a carputer, power intake is an important requirements due to the fact that you require to identify just how big of a power supply you will certainly require. The power intake specification can additionally provide you a concept of just how much warm will certainly be disappated, due to the fact that nevertheless, the power not made use of for computer will certainly dissipate right into warm.

The power supply I am making use of is a Piece 120. It’s ranked for 120 watts and also has actually powered my previous construct simply great. I faced one grab that I really did not anticipate, nonetheless. The motherboard makes use of a 12v P4 ATX port (see photo on the internet site) along with the requirement 20-24pin ATX port. The power supply I have (and also many that I have actually seen) do not have this port included right into their harness.

To resolve this trouble, you can either acquire a molex to P4 adapter, or you can mod your existing electrical wiring harness and also include the P4 port. I picked to mod my existing electrical wiring harness and also include the P4 port to among the existing molex adapters. Essentially, I removed the P4 port from a routine ATX power supply, removed the cords, and also stuffed them right into an existing molex link. See the photos on the internet site to see what I imply.

After whatever was arrangement, I mounted the complete Windows XP Pro with SP3. I chose not to utilize TinyXP due to the fact that I really felt that it can trigger problems in the future with all the motorists it has actually removed out. After the installment, I mounted the common Winamp, VLC media gamer, SpeedFan, iGuidance, Centrafuse, and also lastly the motorists. As opposed to setting up Windows to hibernate after the vehicle was shut down, I picked to closure totally due to the fact that I have actually had great deals of problems with hibernation such as it not returning to properly.

With 1GB of RAM and also a 2.5″ 80GB 4200RPM hard disk, the efficiency isn’t regrettable. You would certainly believe that a 4200RPM hard disk would certainly be type of slow, however I can barely discover it. Windows launches from a cool boot rapidly therefore do every one of the programs I utilize. I’m never ever left awaiting the following tune to tons or a program to open up.

The reduced power intake of the board is additionally extremely recognizable. With my old board, the CPU temperature level would certainly constantly go to the very least 45C upon boot, and also increase to a little over 60C after being made use of for some time. On a cool early morning, at concerning 55F, The Intel Atom took care of too up at 30C and also after 20 mins, it had actually just climbed to 35C! Currently, when I open my handwear cover box, there disappears warm air exuding out. The air inside the handwear cover box is practically the very same temperature level as the air in the cabin! Nonetheless, the temperature levels will certainly vary based upon the ambient temperature level inside the cabin, so the CPU will certainly run hotter on a warmer day. On an 80F day, the CPU boots at 30C and also climbs to around 55-60C, still tolerable on a hot day.

Altogether, the Intel D945GCLF2 is an excellent buy. At just $89.99 from, you obtain lots of functions, and also most importantly, a twin core cpu. With reduced power intake, reduced temperature levels, and also high efficiency it appears as if the board was made clearly for carputer use, in which it stands out.

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