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I’m really sorry about this, but….

I wish I had read the reviews on the Google Play store regarding the app before I bought this. When the printer actually worked, I was OK with the picture quality. I bought it because it printed little pictures that I could use in my journal. I didn’t need super-quality photos.
The problem is that the app continuously crashes. I hate to give this product a poor rating because of the app, but since you cannot use the printer without the app, I have no choice. Amazon CS tried to help, but there’s really nothing they can do. They referred me to Polaroid. The CS there was wonderful, but so far there is no resolution. I had already done everything that they suggested.
I sent a detailed email to Polaroid as they requested. At this point, unless they can come up with an answer that works, I will be returning this to Polaroid. I refuse to have a $120 paperweight as so many other people have said.
The printer, itself, is what I wanted, but if you can’t use it, there’s no point.

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