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HiTi 510Si Wireless Printing Service

We just recently checked the HiTi 510Si image printer – a brand-new tool that enables immediate cordless printing from your electronic camera combined with the HiTi WFT510 transmitter.

We were gladly amazed by exactly how simple it was to establish as well as exactly how quick as well as unproblematic we had the ability to take the photos, pick the image we desired, as well as send out to publish while remaining to fire.

HiTi’s Straight Wireless Printing remedy enables individuals to transfer photos from a PictBridge suitable electronic electronic camera to a picture printer wirelessly. This leaves the digital photographer totally free to move while taking pictures as well as sending out chosen pictures to publish, while the printer is functioning individually as well as not using up the digital photographer’s useful time. This remedy consists of the HiTi WFT510 Transmitter as well as the HiTi P510Si, a standalone roll-type image printer with cordless capability.

Hiti 510 Si Wireless Image Printer HiTi’s WFT510 is currently the only cordless image transmitter created to collaborate with PictBridge suitable electronic electronic cameras on the marketplace, as well as it has actually verified itself by winning the DIMA 2009 Ingenious Digital Item Honor.

We have actually listened to wonderful points from a lot of our occasion professional photographers that bought the combination HiTi510Si printer as well as WFT 510 transmitter to publish on the fly their pictures at occasions throughout the nation. We have actually been inhibited by challenging systems in the past, like the Wi-Pics tool, as well as we did not anticipate for this system to function so well, so quickly, as well as most importantly at such a deal rate (the Printer + the transmitter will certainly cost you concerning $1500 today at our store).

The opportunity to produce electronic frameworks as well as logo designs as well as import it straight to the printer was a success with our consumers, along with the reality that it includes a card viewers as well as a small 3.6″ LCD touch display to publish straight from the printer itself, preventing the requirement to drag a laptop computer along to the occasion. Most importantly, the printer evaluates in at just 30pounds, providing it exceptional mobility to select it’s modern technology.

HiTi WFT510

Transmitter The printer has various media dimensions readily available to match a wide variety of demands – 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, or 6×9 photos.

The printer likewise includes 4 software program packages totally free:

• eFrame Converter – Conveniently transform the electronic frameworks or logo designs you have actually developed as TIFF data right into data the HiTi can review as well as make use of as it’s photo design templates.

• EventDesiree Deluxe – For individuals that wish to publish a huge amount of pictures under minimal time restrictions.

• ID maker – Numerous ID layouts as well as design templates in a couple of straightforward actions.

• IDQuickDesiree – Allows you publish Key or ID pictures effortlessly.

By mounting the WFT COMPUTER Package packed with the WFT510, individuals can likewise transfer photo information straight to a computer system, which additionally improves the versatility of the set. The HiTi WFT510 comes with an inexpensive rate, permitting customers to delight in cordless transmission feature on their electronic electronic cameras similar to the premium DSLR electronic camera individuals.

Our company believe that the HiTi P510Si, with it’s incorporated cordless modern technology as well as straight cordless printing ability, lightweight, as well as adequate media array, gives one of the most hassle-free as well as price reliable printing technique for occasion professional photographers.

This has actually been Frederic from Photo Pro, many thanks for reviewing!

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