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Awesome Printer, Awesome Technology!

The Polaroid Zip printer is a neat little toy! The reason why I say toy is because if you want stellar prints from this printer then you are not going to get them. Don’t get me wrong this printer is fun to play with and the app (which is now newly updated) works pretty well. The Zip uses 2×3 ZINK adhesive photo paper. ZINK is a technology that allows to print without the use of ink. I had the previous version of this model, the POGO. Polaroid has really stepped up their game with this model. The nice slick design and mobility of the printer is great. The photo quality, while still not amazing, is still tons better then the original POGO. I am excited to see where this technology goes in the future!

I fully recommend this product to anyone who wants to easily make cute printouts of photos from their smartphones and not expect professional grade prints.

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